MeterPay™ enables owners of
smart meters to receive payments
from their tenants conveniently and securely.


Our Meters use
Mobile Technology
to stay connected with MeterPay™.

Iskra Mx382 MeterPay
The MeterPay™ platform collects payments for energy credits.

It enables owners to collect Online & Mobile & Cash payments from their tenants, design and deploy tariffs, check consumption readings and intuitively manage their estate of sub-meters with our network-managed Smart-Meters.

Immediate Benefits

Put Technology to Work for You!
Our PrePayment Solutions for Energy Sub-Metering realises immediate benefits from our innovative Smart-Meter technology.

Innovative Automation

Discover the full potential of MeterPay™.
With secure online & mobile payment gateways integrated to the next-generation of Energy Metering systems.

Fully Customisable

MeterPay™ is easily tailored to your precise needs.
It works perfectly for all deployments; from individual landlords, to managing agents with larger portfolios.

We are committed to ensuring MeterPay™ is
the best prepayment energy solution on the market. 

- Meterix Mission Statement -


We are continually adding and enhancing the powerful features of MeterPay™ tailored to specific user roles. We have 'Consumer' roles - created for the end user (tenant), 'Owner' roles - aimed at the recipient of payments for energy credits (building owners and managing agents), and 'Provider' roles for Meter Operators who are using MeterPay™ as a payment portal.

  • Consumers

    Consumer Portal

    Consumer's can use MeterPay™ to access the functions of their assigned Meter Point.

    • Monitor Energy Credits

    • View Energy Consumption

    • Activate Auto-Recharge

    • SMS Notifications

    • Mobile Friendly

    • Credit Delivery Tracking

  • Owners

    Owner Portal

    Building Owners can use MeterPay™ to manage their Smart Meter deployment.

    • Manage Deployments

    • Customise Tariffs

    • Invite Colleagues & Consumers

    • Configure Remote Readings

    • Add & Activate Meters

    • Accounts (Xero) Integration

  • Providers

    Service Providers

    Managing Agents and Smart-Meter Operators can tailor MeterPay™ to their exact needs.

    • Multi-Role Management

    • Head-End System Integration

    • Delivery Job Tracking

    • Custom Branding

    • System Management

    • Feature Request Development

MeterPay™ is a Fully Responsive Online & Mobile Portal supported by all web/mobile platforms allowing for truly inter-operable system in the office and on the go. 

- continually enhancing experience through user feedback -


Meterix provides technical services to Owners of Smart Meters (used in a sub-metering environment). As developers of the MeterPay™ platform, we are able to design bespoke features to integrate with your existing IT systems.


MeterPay™ is multi-platform compatible; all Smart Phones, Tablets, and PC browsers are supported.

System Integration

Our software development team will integrate MeterPay™ with your IT systems.

Outstanding Support

We pride ourselves in offering friendly impartial advice, even if MeterPay™ is not for you.

User Friendly

We listen to our customers - user's feedback is always taken on board.

Customizable Design

We are able to brand MeterPay™ to match our customer's corporate imagery.

Free Updates

All customers benefit as we build new features and include them into the latest MeterPay™ release.

A new way for landlords to get paid for their tenants
energy consumption, securely and conveniently. 

- The Prepayment Smart Meter Solution -


Meterix are a technology solutions company with an experienced background in the energy market.
Our team of developers and system integrators provide innovative solutions for sub-metering applications of Smart Meters.

Innovation Leader

We strive to find innovative prepayment solutions for the sub-metering energy market, working closely with Smart-Meter manufacturers to benefit from the latest technology.

Best Solutions & Approaches

We pride ourselves on offering the best solutions to our customers. We can modify our system knowing that a 'one size fits all' approach is unsuitable for many of our clients' requirements.

Quality Service & Support

Our satisfied customers know that we always have their best interests to consider, and by offering excellent support and advice they can rest assured they receive the highest levels of service and support.

MeterPay™ accepts payments from anywhere in the world
and settles transactions directly to bank accounts
based in the following countries. 

- Open For Business In 23 Countries Worldwide -


Meterix use mobile technology for our network-managed Smart Meters to communicate with the MeterPay™ system. We take online and mobile payments for energy credit and top-up the consumer's Smart Meter instantly.

Smart Meters

Iskraemeco is our technology partner who manufacture Smart Energy Meters that conform to the latest regulations and technologies in the industry.

Mobile Technology

Our Smart Meters are equipped with Roaming SIM's which will use the best available mobile network coverage in the area. Our SIM's support roaming on 465 worldwide mobile networks..

PCI Compliant Payments

Our innovate payment portal allows owners to get paid directly from their tenants, supports Visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards and of course is fully PCI compliant.